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Post Ignem / T.U. Delft / 2009 /


Eervolle vermelding

The entry, POST IGNEM (or ‘After the fire’), leaves the footprint of the old Bouwkunde literally untouched, and instead re-invents it as a spatially interesting inner courtyard within a new structure. This new structure is composed in a very rigid, systematic manner by defining a number of simple architectural rules.


Although the proposal does not contain any novelties in terms of sustainable techniques, it is very carefully thought through on this level. The patios allow for natural lightening and ventilation, the large roof can be used to gain solar energy, and the ground plan allows for flexibility of use. The jury regards this project as a very thoughtful way of using the footprint of the old building as a tangible memory.



The old Bouwkunde becomes a monument through its absence and presence in the new. This very intelligent proposal overcomes the risk of becoming too nostalgic through the architectural elaboration of the plan, which juxtaposes regular, small courtyards and the larger ‘footprint’ courtyard.


While the spatial representation remains rather limited, the concept itself bears the promise of a spatially rich building.The jury appreciates this project for its strong appeal to the memory of the old building, without falling into the trap of nostalgia. For this strong and simultaneously modest design proposal, the jury rewards POST IGNEM with an honourable mention.


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